M.T.B. Arts College

Our College

The Maganlal Thakordas Balmukunddas Arts College, popularly known as M. T. B. Arts College is the oldest college of the South Gujarat region and one of the best colleges of the state of Gujarat. It has a vast campus studded with majestic buildings in the old style of gothic architecture. Hostel building and residential quarters, lawns and gardens, play-fields and grounds and courts and pavilions, surround its scenic beauty. It occupies 113875 sq. mtr. of land in a prime location which is now in the heart of the city of Surat on the river bank of the Tapi. More than half a dozen other institutions of higher education including a College of Science, a College of Commerce, a College of Microbiology and Computer Science, a College of Engineering and Technology, Center of Excellence in Environmental Studies and a Management Institute, and a college of performing Art (SCOPA) have recently come up which have added to the glory of the campus. The campus is a virtual beehive of academic activity throbbing with enthusiasm and dynamism on the part of the learners and the teachers of several disciplines. Individually our college imparts instruction right from the Under Graduate Level to Post Graduate Level including M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes in the Faculty of Arts offering maximum number of subjects and subject combinations. We also offer 86 academic programmes to nearly 3000 students of distance learning through the IGNOU Study Centre whereby a national level linkage has been established with a university of international repute. The IGNOU Study Centre has been functioning in our college ever since the inception of IGNOU in 1988. The campus provides an intense environment of learning and research as well as opportunities for self-expression and personality development.

Sarvajanik Education Society, a premier educational institution established in Surat in 1912 with the management of just one secondary school, then known as the English school (Dhingali School – Doll’s School) is today 94 years old and has under its care 33 institutions imparting education which ranges from pre-school level to post graduate instruction and which covers a wide variety of disciplines including engineering and management education. It also runs two research institutions - one for humanities and social sciences and one for environmental studies. Right since its inception the Sarvajanik Education Society has survived and thrived, solely on the charity of philanthropic institutions and individuals. Its objective as incorporated in its constitution is to spread education among people at affordable cost. Thus, Sarvajanik Education Society is one of those rare institutions, which keep profit motive out of their operative fields and activities. Even so, it has made constant and steady progress. Thanks to the wholehearted support of its well-wishers in Surat, in various parts of India and abroad. A very large number of its former students have settled well abroad and in acknowledgement of the education they received at one institution or other of Sarvajanik Education Society, keep on extending their help, in every respect. The Sarvajanik Education Society has always enjoyed high reputation public faith for its noble traditions of honest, transparent and democratic management. It has earned people’s trust that every farthing given to it is well used for the benefit of people and the future generation. Not that the long journey of these 94 years has always been smooth. Sarvajanik Education Society has witnessed many vicissitudes, particularly in its financial position; but the recent unprecedented floods have caused the hardest ever blow and we have fortunately overcome all the repercussion of this natural calamity and set our institute once again enroute to its expansional programme of academic growth as replica to the demands of time and society. The unprecedented floods caused irreparable loss to our historically rich and reputed library as major portion of the treacle of its books, masterpieces and rare works of literature have been washed out. However we are striving to regain the treasure in a best possible way but are not certain whether, we would re-secure it totally or not, as the utmost rare volumes of different fields of knowledge are nowhere available or out of circulation. It is really the landmark of the treasure of knowledge well sustained and ever enriched during last so many decades of our academic penance. And all this has been achieved purely through the philanthropic contributions received as a regular inflow from citizen who have nurtured the growth of the society and also from those who shaped their lives under the benign care of the various institutions of Sarvajanik Education Society. In the last decade or so, this institution has taken huge strides toward modernizing its education and meaningfully enhanced and widened its magnitude. Considering that the future development of education, the Society came out as a pioneer in that direction too, and even today heralding the future aspirations of society. The Social needs and expectations in respect of education are ever expanding and never avenues of development have to be explored for a healthy and socially relevant growth of education for tomorrow. The Sarvajanik Education Society is therefore striving to recognize the changing needs and to organize its affairs accordingly with full confidence as it had in the past, our donors and well-wishers will help the Society with wholehearted generosity in our endeavour. Once upon a time it was considered to be a second one next to the Deccan Education society, so far as it’s objectives, functioning and transparent magnitude, were concerned, in Asia.